VH-FNK  Fokker F.27 Friendship 200                     (c/n (c/n 10280)

<>                              VH-FNK flew for the first time on 23 June, 1965 with the test registration PH-FGX.      It was
                              registered in Australia on 8 August to Australian National Airways, which traded as Ansett-ANA.
                              David Carter took the photo above at Mascot on a foggy 14 April, 1967.   It was leased for short
                              periods with other airlines in the Ansett group and in November 1969, its ownership changed to
                              Ansett Transport Industries (Operations).  It was also repainted in the new company-wide “delta”
                              color scheme, with the small titles “Ansett Airlines of Australia” to show the division of the Ansett
                              group with which it flew.
                              From 1 November, 1973,  -FNK was leased to Air Nuigini, which bought in on 1 July, 1976.
                              A few months later it became P2-ANL, as seen in David's photo below at Port Moresby in March
                              1983   . Air Niugini sold the Fokker in May 1984 to Luxair, which registered it LX-LGK. In 1989
                              it was sold to Northwest Aviation as N278MA, which leased to Northwest Airlink operator Mesaba
                             Air. The Fokker was withdrawn from use in 1995 and over the following 11 years ownership changed
                             frequently, often among related companies.  The aircraft also moved around and was observed stored
                             at Las Vegas, Boulder City, Opa Locka and finally Daytona Beach, where it was scrapped in 2006.