VH-FNJ  Fokker F-27 Friendship 200                           (c/n  10264)


<>                                   First flown with the test registration PH-FGF, VH-FNJ was registered to Ansett subsidiary Airlines
                                   of New South Wales  on 1 December, 1964   . It flew its first revenue service for the airline in Jan-
                                   uary, 1965, . David Carter photographed it at Mascot in 1969 wearing a slightly modified livery
                                   from that in which it had been delivered from Holland.  . It was in 1969 that –FNJ was registered to
                                   Ansett Transport Industries (Operations), the same year the Ansett group adopted a common colour
                                   scheme, called the “delta” livery, across the whole group.    In 1971, –FNJ was transferred to Ansett
                                   Airlines of Australia but within a few months it had been leased back to what had become Ansett Air-
                                   lines of New South Wales.   It was leased to Ansett Airlines of South Australia in 1976-77 but ended
                                   its days with Ansett back with the Airlines of Australia division, flying its final revenue service –  from
                                   Mildura to Melbourne – on 1 November, 1980. Soon after the aircraft departed for Comair in South
                                   Africa, where it became ZS-KVJ.  It flew with that airline until October 1997, when it was withdrawn
                                   from service. It has since been scrapped.