VH-FNI  Fokker F-27 Friendship                           (c/n  10181)


                                   Here's -FNI at my old "home" airport of Launceston, Tasmania, in the early 1960s.  (I was living in
                                   L.A., and with Western Air Lines by that time).   This image is courtesy of the Civil Aviation Historical
                                   Society collection (via Phil Vabre).   Delivered to Ansett-ANA in July 1961 it passed to subsidiary
                                   Airlines of South Australia in 1968, being named 'City of Whyalla' at that time.   VH-FNI was the
                                   aircraft which was hijacked in 1972 on a flight from Adelaide to Darwin by a deranged Czech migrant
                                   who was subsequently shot by police in the ensuing scuffle.   In 1977 this Friendship was transferred to
                                   Ansett Airlines of Australia and in 1981, and still going strong, was sold to Commercial Airways (Pty)
                                   Ltd (Comair) of Johannesburg becoming ZS-KVI.   It flew with Comair until 1997 and, after a complete
                                   overhaul in the US went to AeroCondor Peru SA as OB-1693.   It was last seen stored in the open at
                                   Lima in 2005.