VH-FME  Victa Airtourer 115                                          (c/n  9)


                                         Geoff Goodall caught this early Airtourer lined up with several others at Swan Hill, Victoria, in
                                         March of 1965.  It was formerly the Royal Queensland Aero Club's VH-RQO.    At one point
                                         in time it was slated to become VH-UEH but for some reason this was not taken up.  Like many
                                         of these 40 year old machines, it is currently still flying, and still in Victoria.      Richard Penna of
                                         Bendigo provides a nice airborne shot of it (below) resplendent in a facsimile of standard Victa
                                         livery.  Pilot in command is Jim Crocker, the Victa's owner.