VH-FLY  Cessna 172                                (c/n  36878)


                                   This 172 was registered somewhat out of sequence in 1965 (the VH-FL series was not generally
                                   issued until the mid-1970s).  It was previously N3978F.  Greg Banfield's photo above was taken
                                   at Bankstown in February 1966.. It was damaged in a storm on 1 March 1983 and as such was
                                   acquired by Terry Daff shortly afterward.    After a 23 year rebuild it has again taken to the skies
                                   as VH-WOW (the 3rd?) as seen in the shot below sent by Terry recently (August 2013).  Terry
                                   advises that he requested CASA reserve VH-FLY for him, but of course, that was ignored and
                                   the marks were re-assigned to a Beech Baron in 1992.      As a tail-wheeler CASA still refers to
                                   it as a 172.   It is now privately owned in the Melbourne area.