VH-FLC  DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10                     (c/n  C1/0684)


                                  This late model Chippie (ex RAF WP792) was imported as VH-RDW and then went to the Royal
                                  Aero Club of Western Australia as VH-RWI (the first) before becoming -FLC in 1963.   Geoff
                                 Goodall took the above shot at Jandakot in 1979.   There than followed periods wherein it was
                                 "off again - on again" as regards its certificate of registration and Geoff saw it again at Kunnunurra
                                 in 1979 in one of those periods of de-registration (below).   Stricken from the register in 1981, it
                                 was rebuilt in 1990-92 and is flying again in West Australia.