VH-FLA  Fletcher FU-24/A4                                       (c/n  134)


                                  In 1968/69 Geophysical Resources Development Company (GRD Co) of Sydney operated
                                  two Fletcher FU-24s (VH-FLA and -FLB) on low-level mineral survey work.   They mounted
                                  the magnetometer on the tail and the hopper area was rebuilt as a cabin with oval windows for
                                  the magnetometer operator and some extensive electronics along with a gamma ray spectrometer
                                  and its large banned detectors - some considerable weight.   Both machines were imported from 
                                  from New Zealand, VH-FLA being ex ZK-CTS.  The shot above was taken by Mike Croker
                                  in 1969 at Bankstown and below by Eric Favelle a year earlier outside KSAS' hangar at the same
                                  venue (both via Geoff Goodall).   At the foot of the page is a photo by Bob Kretchmer via Doug
                                  Morrison.at an unknown locale.  Doug indicates that the tail was painted a 'rich' yellow (perhaps
                                  the color slide has deteriorated since it looks red in the print).