VH-FKA  Fokker F.28 Fellowship                           (c/n  11021)


                                        "The old and the new" 1970s-style.  Geoff Goodall's shot above shows the first of MMA's order
                                        for Fellowship 1000s at Perth in June 1971.   In the background are MMA's very last DC-3 and
                                        a NASA Super Constellation visiting for calibration work for the Carnarvon  space tracking station.
                                        VH-FKA arrived in Western Australia in June 1970 allowing the 'loaner' VH-MMJ to be returned
                                        to Braathens Safe in Norway.   Initially -FKA was given the same name as -MMJ ('RMA Pilbarra
                                        II' )
but by the time Geoff took the shot immediately below at Carnarvon, WA in January 1974 the
                                        'II' had been dropped.   VH-FKA went on to fly for several other ATI related entities (Airlines W.A ;
                                        Air NSW;  Ansett ; Ansett Australia, etc) before being scrapped at Brisbane in 1996.