VH-FJH       Fuji FA200-160 Aero Subaru                        (c/n  18)


                                                 Originally registered on 17 April 1969 to Australian agents Holdfast Motors of Glenelg,
                                                 Adelaide, this Fuji was sold several months later to the Royal Aero Club of WA who
                                                 operated a number of these japanese four seat trainers.  . It later went on to various private
                                                 owners and is still current.     By April 1975 (below) it had received a new paint job - sort
                                                 of a cross between a Cessna and a Meyers 200 scheme.  Both photos from Geoff Goodall.
                                                 Along the way (in November 1978) it was re-engined and the Australian type changed to