VH-FIC  Piper PA-32-260 Cherokee Six                (c/n  32-218)


                                            In 1974 Richard Maclean and myself rented this Cherokee Six for a day.      I am not sure if
                                            it was still owned by Flinders Island Airways, the original owners, at that time, or some other
                                            outfit.    Anyway, I was living in Taiwan at the time and unfortunately lost my own photo of not
                                           only this, but many other VH- shots during those years.    Fortunately, Geoff Goodall had this
                                            image of -FIC in his collection.   I wanted to fly over the Bonegilla Migrant Center near Albury
                                            for nostalgic reasons.        The above shot was taken at Hamilton, Victoria in February 1967.
                                            VH-FIC is still current and is privately owned in Tamworth, NSW.