VH-FIB  Avro 652A Anson 1


                                       Although wearing Air Surveys Australia titles, this Anson was one of the Flinders Island Airlines
                                       fleet, ASA being a subsidiary company. The two companies shared aircraft and pilots as required.
                                       This Anson was lost on 10 February 1960 en route from Flinders Island to Moorabbin with a load
                                       of crayfish, when one engine failed and altitude could not be maintained over water. The two crew
                                       were jettisoning the cargo but the Anson was unable to outclimb the coastline and struck a hilltop
                                       near Loch, Victoria and was burnt out.  The nice color shot above was taken by Art Withers (via
                                       the Ben Dannecker collection) and shows the Anson at Flinders Island in 1958.  The Neil Follett
                                       photo below was at Moorabbin in January 1959.