VH-FGI    Fuji FA200-160 Aero Subaru                            (c/n  23)


                                       Of the 274 Aero Subarus built between 1967 and 1986 by Fuji Heavy Industries in Japan, some
                                       20 or so were imported into Australia.     The prototype (JA3241) first flew on 21 August 1965.
                                       VH-FGI was registered in January of 1970.    It is seen above when brand new at Jandakot on
                                       the Royal Aero Club of WA flight line.   It was privately owned, but leased to the club.  The shot
                                       below, showing it virtually unchanged some four years later (February 1974) was taken on Rottnest
                                       Island.   It is still current, and still living in WA.   Both photos from  the Geoff Goodall collection.