VH-FEK  DHC-1 Chipmunk 22A                              (c/n  0176)


                                        This Chipmunk (ex WB724) was first civilianized as G-APCV where it was converted from a
                                        T.10 to a civilian-use Mk 22A (fuel tanks increased to 12 imp gal tanks in lieu of the original
                                        9 gal tanks) before being exported to Australia as VH-FBB in 1958.  In 1963 it was re-regist-
                                        ered VH-BGW and three years later, on 8 May 1966 became VH-FEK. The two nice images
                                        of it here shown here were both taken at Cunderdin, WA.  Above, by Geoff Goodall, in Oct-
                                        ober of 1971, and below, by Roger McDonald whilst the aircraft was being used as a glider
                                        tug, some four years later in 1975.   Looks like the skies were a little bit threatening in the lower
                                        shot, although the thermals for sailplaning may have been excellent.    VH-FEK remains stored
                                        at Cunderdin, although its restoration status is unknown.