VH-FDR  (2)  Beech 65-A80 Queen Air                        (c/n  LD-234)


                                   This was the former VH-TGD re-registered when it went to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.
                                   The photograph below, from the John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland collection
                                   shows it 'on station' with the RFDS.  Greg Banfield's shot above was taken somewhat later at
                                   Bankstown in April 1978 and illustrates the Queen Air in Civil Flying Services livery.  Shortly
                                   after this photo was taken it was converted to a B80-8800, the later designation an indication
                                   of the increased all up weight in lbs.    On 7 August 1985 whilst flying a cargo run for Norfolk
                                   Island Airways VH-FDR crashed some 37 km NE of Biloeta, Qld, due to fuel starvation.  The
                                   pilot, who was killed in the accident, apparently was confused with the fuel management system
                                   of the B80 and had not had a chance to study it completely before taking the flight.  In the event,
                                   the fuel selector switches appear not to have been correctly positioned when the wreckage was