VH-FDG (1)    Cessna 180A Skywagon                               (c/n  50017)


                                       Oh, dear!   It didn't happen very often , but once in a while the steel sprung undercarriages of
                                       some Cessnas collapsed after hard landings.    This mishap, seen in the image above from the
                                       Geoff Goodall collection, occurred at Jandakot on 8 January 1965.  -FDG was one of the first
                                       new aircraft introduced by the Royal Flying Doctor Service (WA Section) being first registered
                                       in October 1957, ex N9719B.       RFDS pilot Don Ende provides the color shot below, taken
                                       at Maylands in 1959, whilst the nice air-to-air image at the foot of the page was near Carnarvon
                                       in April 1958 (again, via Geoff Goodall's collection).        In an RFDS registration shuffle, its rego
                                       was changed  to VH-FDO in December 1965 to make way for a new Beech Baron VH-FDG.
                                       As can be seen in the photo in this latter entry, it was nicely repaired!