VH-FDF   Beagle B.206 Srs 2                           (c/n B.061)


Two shots from the Geoff Goodall collection.  The above color slide being by Chris O'Neill taken
                                    at Bankstown in May 1972.   The B&W image below shows the large door used to accommodate
                                    stretcher patients. 
VH-FDF was the last of three B.206s to be operated by the RFDS.   When
                                    built it was allocated the UK rego G-AXCB although was painted up as VH-FDF when it left
                                    Gatwick on 15 April 1969 bound for Australia.   After a decade transporting patients from the
                                    bush to regional hospitals it made (in December 1978) the return trip to the UK to be recycled
                                    in the US as N53JH for South Florida Aircraft Sales & Leasing.    It appears to be no longer