VH-FDD  Beech 95-B55 Baron                                 (c/n  TE-821)


                                   The Royal Flying Doctor Service was truly "into" Beech aircraft in the 1960s and 70s, some half
                                   dozen of which were Barons.      Other types were various models of Queen Airs and King Airs.
                                   This Baron was seen at Jandakot in January 1969 by Geoff Goodall.  In the photo below, also at
                                   Jandakot, but in October of that same year, the titling "Western Australian Section Inc" has been
                                   added under the cheat line plus the aircraft had received the name "L.G. Hancock". Iron ore baron
                                   (no quip intended) Lang Hancock was a financial supporter for the RFDS.         -FDD was a 1964
                                   model and was a second hand import from the U.S. (ex N7951K).       In 1978 it was traded in to
                                   Piper West at Jandakot for a new PA-31-350 Chieftain, although was not re-registered until 1999,
                                   keeping its RFDS series.   .In January 1999 its then new owner had it re-registered VH-HOD and 
                                   as such it is still current.