VH-FBZ  Edgar Percival EP-9C               (c/n  34)

                                 What a monstrosity.  Although 100% functional, the EP-9 could never be called a beautiful aircraft
                                 to start with, but with an Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah 10 in place of the original Lycoming up front
                                 it was quite ugly.  Three EP-9s were converted in 1959 by Kingsford Smith Aviation Services at their
                                 Bankstown works to EP-9C standard by using engines from their stock of Airspeed Oxfords which
                                 they had acquired from RAAF disposals several years previously.   Built as G-APIB, this EP-9 was
                                 withdrawn from service when it was involved in an accident near Walcha, NSW in July 1962.  It was
                                 restored as VH-DCM. although was then written off (for good) at Blandford, NSW six months later.
                                 The shot above was taken at Bankstown in June 1961 by David Eyre, whilst that below is from the
                                 John Hopton collection, showing it in service with Skyspread Australia.