VH-FBT  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth                   (c/n  '907')


                                   VH-FBT was one of those 'mystery' Tigers with the dubious c/ns.    Perhaps someday some
                                   expert (certainly not me) can positively identify its true manufacturer and hence its real msn.
                                   Possibly a Tiger built of many parts.  Anyway, both these photos were submitted by Geoff
                                   Goodall and were taken by Fred W.Bourke, a long-time crop dusting pilot who started with
                                   Aerial Agriculture, Sydney on their Tigers in the VH-Pest Control series, then set up his own
                                   company at Wagga for many years.  Both these shots were at Wagga.     -FBT was written
                                   off in a crash at that locale on 10 August 1963, but the caption on the image below does not
                                   indicate whether this shot was of that very incident or not..  .