VH-FBC (1)    Fletcher FU-24                           (c/n  60)


                                     The first -FBC was this Fletcher, which was imported from New Zealand in December 1957.   It
                                     was previously ZK-BOH, although it was a new machine at the time, and hence the ZK- rego may
                                     have been a "trade plate".  It returned to New Zealand in November of 1964 as ZK-CLN and then
                                     restored again as VH-FBC in April 1969.    It was written off in a crash at Cassilis, NSW (that's
                                     about 200 km north and west of Singleton.....not quite "beyond the black stump" -  but getting on)
                                    on 17 March 1970   The above image, from the Geoff Goodall collection, was taken by Rod Adam
                                    at Cootamundra NSW in January 1963.