VH-FBA (3)    Grumman G-164 Agcat                     (c/n  397)


                               What does an Agcat duster do when it's through with its farm duties?  Why, becomes a Joy Rider
                               of course!  (And this isn't the only one thus relegated, either - VH-CCK is another that springs to
                               mind).   Anyway, VH-FBA was the former VH-FPA (that was an easy rego change) and is now
                               owned by Tiger Moth Pty Ltd of Torquay, on the south west coast of Victoria.   As I indicated in
                               my narrative for -FPA, a dainty Tiger Moth this ugly thing is not!   The image above was taken by
                               Ian Creek at Geelong Airport in June of 2006.   Incidently, I have decided to refer to all Agcats as
                               Grummans, since the Grumman Aircraft and Engineeering Corp designed the G-164 and all that
                               Schweizer did was build them.  In fact, all Agcats were built by Schweizer.