VH-FBA (2)  Auster III                              (c/n  483)


                                      Although listed as the second iteration of VH-FBA, in fact the first allocation of this rego was to
                                      have been the Stearman PT-17 N63267, modified as a National NA75 crop duster, but this was
                                      not taken up (probably couldn't get an Australian CofA).   VH-FBA(2), seen above in this nice
                                      color shot from The Collection p7017-0157-051 was the former VH-WAI.   An ex Auster AOP,
                                      it was built as MT393 and then went to the RAAF as A11-45, being civilianized in 1962.   It was
                                      re-registered VH-FBA in March 1966.  On 9 February 1974 it was towing a glider when it suffered
                                     .engine failure and struck a tree in an attempted forced landing at Marulan, NSW and was written