VH-FAY  Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche                           (c/n  30-471)


                                         Despite having two US identities before arriving in Australia, N10F and N7451Y, VH-FAY was
                                         registered in Australia in July 1964, the year it was built.         In the mid 1970s it was with Cairns
                                         Aerial Services.    When David Carter caught up with –FAY at Bankstown on March 3, 1984,
                                         it carried the name Jennings on the fuselage.      In November 2000 the aircraft was reregistered
                                         VH-HPR, the personalized marking of owner Howden Phillip Reiss and was still in his name in
                                         September 2016.  Incidentally, –HPR suffered an undercarriage collapse on landing at its home
                                         airport of Bankstown on March 29, 2013.