VH-FAG  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth                (c/n  335/T131)


                               Several images of VH-FAG.  Above, on the flight line at the Illawarra Flying School, Bankstown,
                               in 1953.  Immediately below, at Moorabbin in 1957 after it had been converted to a crop duster. 
                               Beneath that, almost abandoned at Ballarat in 1965, its agricultural working life completed, (Geoff
                               Goodall), and finally a contemporary one (no longer an agricultural machine, of course) at the
                               Queensland International Air Show at Bundaberg in 2005 (Phil Vabre).  This Tiger was originally
                               civilianized as VH-BED and was A17-316 during its time with the RAAF.