VH-EXZ  Aero Commander 680FL Grand Commander                 (c/n  1379-48)


This Grand Commander was first registered in Australian on 22 March 1965 to Executive Air
                                  Services of Essendon.    It was delivered as N6343U the previous month and initially used on
                                  a newspaper delivery contract before going on to numerous owners. Seen here in use on mineral
                                  survey fitted with aerodist transponders.  Photo from the Doug Morrison collection.  Its last owner
                                  was Heli Muster Pty Ltd based at Victoria River Downs Station, NT, although in the shot below,
                                  from the Russell Legg collection, it is seen in July of 2003 on the Darwin dump in Terra Tours titling.
                                  It was struck off the register in March of 1992.