VH-EXU  Aero Commander 680E                                    (c/n  708-21)


                                    I have enlarged the tiny (but standard, for Aero Commanders) rego on the tip of the tail of VH-EXU
                                    below.  This photo was taken by Greg Banfield at Canberra in January 1967.     The other aircraft to
                                    the left is VH-ELF, a 680F.  I have never understood why the Aero Commander Division of Rockwell-
                                    Standard Corp decided to paint Commander "tail numbers" high up on the appendage in minuscule
                                    lettering like that.   Just about all the aircraft I saw at the main Aero Commander distributor in Santa
                                    Monica in the 1960s were so identified.   And anyway, when they were exported to Australia that did
                                    not excuse the Australian distributor from doing the same thing.   This aircraft probably arrived wearing
                                    its US rego of N6255B anyway, so it had to be repainted.    Why not reposition and enlarge the ID at
                                    that time?     Both Aero Design and Rockwell achieved a bewildering array of model numbers for this
                                    successful high-wing twin.   The 680E was basically a 560E with a lower gross weight and 560A type
                                    undercarriage.   Imported for Executive Aviation of Essendon, this aircraft was withdrawn from use
                                    in 1975.