VH-EXL  Aero Commander 100 Darter Commander                    (c/n  114)


                                         This aircraft is another of those types which suffered an identity crisis (like the latter day Aeronca
                                         7 series)  .  It was first marketed in the early 1960s as the Volair 10.  Production was subsequently
                                         taken over from Volaircraft Corporation by Aero Commander and it became the Aero Commander
                                         100.  When that organization was taken over by North American Rockwell it was known as the
                                         Rockwell Commander 100, and later still as the Darter Commander.      Only three or four ever
                                         made it to Australia.   This one is still active in South Australia, although the shot above was taken
                                         by John Wheatley at Archerfield in 1971 when it was participating in the Retailers' Rally.