VH-EXA(1)  Dornier Do.27H-2                                 (c/n  2076)


                                     Rare shot of the first VH-EXA taken by Geoff Goodall in the hangar at Essendon in May of 1962.
                                     Bob Neate took one at Moorabbin (below) about the same time - unfortunately cropped.  Agents
                                     for the Dorniers in Australia were Executive Aviation.  This machine had been imported as VH-GKE
                                     for Territory Airlines in Papua New Guinea in February of 1962.  However, for a year commencing
                                     in July 1962 it was operated by the Lutheran Mission in Madang, PNG..  Presumably, when Geoff
                                     took the above shot it was in for overhaul.  Several other Do.27s were flown by missions in PNG.
                                     Their rugged construction made them ideal for the harsh conditions found in the territory. At the end
                                     of its operation (probably a lease) by the Lutheran Mission the Dornier was re-registered into
                                     Execustive's block as VH-EXA (July 1963).  By 1964 it was flying for Ansett-MAL, also in PNG.
                                     However, on 3 September 1964 it was written off at Dumpu, PNG when it crashed on take off and
                                     burst into flames.  Fortunately neither the pilot (Capt Ron Jaensch) nor the passengers were injured.