VH-EWT     Beech D50 Twin Bonanza                             (c/n  DH-53)


                                         This Twin Bonanza was purchased in 1959 by East-West Airlines for its C.S.I.R.O. rain-making
                                         (cloud-seeding) contract, and operated by the airline's Special Projects Division. It was not a new
                                         machine, having been imported from Field Aviation Ltd, a Canadian Beech distributors, where it
                                         had been CF-ACL.    Greg Banfield caught it (above) at Mascot in June 1964.         (Note Avro
                                         Anson VH-AGA in the background being dismantled for its move to Harold Thomas' museum at
                                         Camden, NSW)  Five months after this shot was taken (November 1964),  the Twin Bonanza
                                         was sold to United Air Pty Ltd and re-registered VH-UNB