VH-EWA (4)    Fokker F-27 Friendship 100              (c/n  10127)


                                      The above photograph is from the Barry Maclean collection, whilst the lower one, showing
                                      the F-27 in its later markings was taken by Greg Banfield at Mascot in 1974.. VH-EWA
                                      was purchased new from Fokkers in 1959.      It actually was from a Trans Australian
                                      Airlines order although the Australian federal government requested that the state airline
                                      relinquish three of their F-27s to local feeder line operators.   This aircraft, which was to
                                      have been VH-TFH, was one of them. When Daddy speaks, the child listens.   It served
                                      the airline faithfully until 1977 when it was sold to the French leasing company Uni-Air whence
                                      it became F-BYAO.