VH-EUD  Auster J/1N Alpha                           (c/n  2199)


                                   Theoretically this Auster should not be part of my selection.  It was first registered in Australia in
                                   March of 1973.  However, being an Auster, I'll make an exception!   It was originally built as a
                                   J/1N Autocrat in 1946 and shipped to Southern Rhodesia as VP-YGB.   Some time later it was
                                   sold across the Zambezi as VP-RCF.   It returned to Southern Rhodesia later as VP-YLT in 1955
                                   before that colony went completely to pot as Zimbabwe.     It then returned to the UK in 1961 be-
                                   coming G-ARGT (it had no prior UK rego before being exported).   Sometime after February 1966
                                   conversion to J/1N standard took place, this work being completed by April 1968.  The Auster was
                                   then flown to Australia in the December 1969 London-Sydney Air Race (as Race No 57).   It was
                                   noted in a hangar at Bankstown (by Ian O'Neill) as late as December 1971 still as G-ARGT, and,
                                   in fact, was not registered in Australia until March of 1973. . The above shot, from the Jim Sweeney
                                   collection, was taken at Bankstown in 1973.   VH-EUD is still current and lives in Queensland