VH-ESM   Cessna 206 Super Skywagon                    (c/n  206-0094)

                                     Formerly N5094U, VH-ESM was four years old when it was registered to Es (short for Esrom)
                                     Morse, the Flying Padre, who operated out of Longreach ministering to needs of outback comm-
                                     unities.  David Carter saw it at Griffith in 1978 when it dropped in for fuel at Jim Darbyshire’s
                                     Cropair.    –ESM was officially withdrawn from use in November 1999.  However this might
                                     have been the paperwork catching up with reality, for on April 12, 1987, it had been badly
                                     damaged when landing at Napunyah Station, Tilpa, in far western NSW.    The pilot had begun
                                     to go around after kangaroos hopped on to the runway, then changed his mind.    –ESM landed
                                     heavily, the nose wheel dug in and the aircraft flipped on its back..