VH-ESJ     Jodel D.11                         (c/n  N25)


                                            This homebuilt was registered just 8 days before my (arbitrary) date of 12/31/70 for inclusion in
                                            this collection of aircraft photographs.   Greg Banfield saw it at Bankstown on 26 October 1974,
                                            (above) whilst John Wheatley's hangar shot below was a couple of years earlier.     The upswept
                                            tapered outer panels of the wings are very visible in these images.     The Jodel was (and possibly
                                            still is) the most popular aircraft for amateur construction in Australia, and quite a number of them
                                            have been built.    VH-ESJ was built by Lou Simmonds of Coffs Harbour and was the first to have
                                            the long range wing tanks (a local mod) fitted.       I believe it is still flying although is probably now
                                            on the Recreational Aviation Australian register.