VH-EQW  Britten-Norman BN-2A Islander                      (c/n 173)

                                       VH-EQW spend just over four weeks on the Australian register before being cancelled on 1 Sept-
                                       ember 1970 as sold abroad.    It had flown into at Bankstown as G-AYCY and quickly prepared
                                       for delivery to Air Melanesia in the Anglo-French colony of New Hebrides.        On arrival at Port
                                       Vila it became VP-PAS.     In July 1978 it transferred to the Solomon Islands register as H4-AAP
                                       where it remained until March 1981.    It then became YJ-RV5, still with Air Melanesia,  on the
                                       register of the newly independent nation of Vanuatu.   In November 1989 Air Melanesia was renam-
                                       ed Vanair but a month later –RV5 was withdrawn from use.