VH-EQT   Brittwen-Norman BN-2A Islander                      (c/n  124)


                                         VH-EQT was supposed to become VH-FLF, but the aircraft  was instead sold to Vowell
                                         Air Services which registered it in May 1970.   It was the second attempt at –FLF, with the
                                         original one, c/n 116, not even making it to Australia      Bill Vowell operated a flying school
                                         and air charter from Tyabb and was a pioneer in helicopter medical retrieval services.  His
                                         Islander was flown to Australia as G-AXWK and David Carter photographed it at Banks-
                                         town ahead of delivery.    In the mid 1970s, –EQT was owned by Reg Munro, a major
                                         aviation identity from Launceston.   He used it to service Bass Strait islands.   In May 1986,
                                         the Islander was sold to Nationair in Papua New Guinea and became P2-NAA. It changed
                                         hands several times and was reregistered P2-ALM in 1997.     It was not listed in the July
                                         2016 PNG register   . As for VH-FLF, c/n 141 eventually took it up.