VH-EQN  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                              (c/n  14553/334630


                                  Six RAAF Dakotas were advertised for disposal in 1968 and were acquired by US aircraft dealer
                                  Stan Booker of Fresno, California.         They were given US registrations under various company
                                  names, although several of them were never actually painted in US regos.  Most went to Indonesia,
                                  although a couple remained in Australia with the oddly named Jet Airlines of Australia.  (Offhand
                                  I cannot think of an aircraft less like a jet than a DC-3).  Anyway, VH-EDN was the former A65-60
                                  and was to have been N16891 before being sold off to Jet Air.  It is seen above at Essendon in this
                                  lovely shot by Barrie Colledge    When JetAir ceased operations in 1971 it was sold to Royal Nepal
                                  Airlines as 9N-AAX.