VH-EQK  Britten-Norman BN-2A Islander                        (c/n  146)


                                       Unlike most new  Islanders at the time, VH-EQK was ferried from Britain under its Australian\
                                       registration, which it received in January 1970.          The first operator was Mt Isa Air Charter
                                       In 1975 it was reported to be with SAATAS, which operated both in South Australia and the
                                       Northern Territory.  When David Carter saw –EQK at Maryborough, Queensland, in May
                                       1976 is was being operated by Islandair, part of the Unionair group based at Toowoomba.
                                       It was on a flight from Toowoomba to Maroochydore on March 31, 1978 that the Islander
                                       came down near Landsborough and was wrecked.     The pilot and sole passenger survived.