VH-EQB  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                             (c/n  14381/25826)


                                          Another of the oddly-named Jetairlines of Australia DC-3s.     Photo by Ron Cuskelly at Sydney
                                          in December 1970.  This was the former RAF KJ881 based at the Woomera Rocket Range in SA.
                                          It had an all white paint scheme towards the end of its military days and had heightened cockpit win-
                                          dows so that a photographer could record missile firings and other tests as the ancient bird stooged
                                          down range.  These were left as is when civilianized.      Offered for disposal in 1969 from RAAF
                                          Edinburgh it joined the startup fleet of the short-lived Jetair as VH-EQB.  When this company ceased
                                          operations in March 1971 it was sold to the Department of Foreign Affairs in Canberra and then
                                          donated to Royal Air Lao.  It later was seconded to the Royal Laotian Air Force where it was given
                                          the serial '565', being the 'last three' of its original USAAF serial of 43-48565 when it began life as a