VH-EPY  DHC-2 Beaver 1                                     (c/n  126)


                                  This early Beaver was imported from Malawi where it had been flying for Air Malawi as 7Q-YIS.
                                  Originally built at VP-YIS for Central African Airways, it was delivered to Salisbury, Southern
                                  Rhodesia as VP-YIS in 1950, and named 'Oryx'.  It arrived in Australia in March of 1969 for
                                  Savage Air Services in whose markings it is seen above in this shot by John Wheatley.   In the
                                  1980s and 90s it worked for Western Aerial Crop Spraying & Spreading Pty Ltd out of Denil-
                                  iquin, NSW.   John Hopton saw it at Moorabbin in November 1973 (below).      Sold in New
                                  Zealand in 1994 as ZK-BVR, it flew for three years as a parachute dropping aircraft for the Auck-
                                  land Parachute Club at Parakai.  By 1997 it was registered in the US as N888KM and then went
                                  to Canada as C-GUMG with Advanced Wing Technologies Corp.  It returned to the US in 1999
                                  again as N888KM and is still current, flying out of Eagle River, Alaska.