VH-EPB  Beagle B.121 Pup Series 2                                 (c/n  B.075)


                                        I think I can unequivocally say that this is the only entry in the collection whose sole photograph
                                        is an underneath plan view of the aeroplane!    Photographs of this machine are hard to come by
                                        since it was first registered on 6 November 1969 and on the 22nd of that month was destroyed
                                        whilst demonstrating aerobatics at Berwick, Victoria.  The pilot, having performed a low level high
                                        speed run across the airfield entered a steep climb to about 200', did a stall turn and then entered a
                                        steep dive on a reciprocal heading to the approach,  There was insufficient altitude to recover and
                                        the aircraft impacted the ground in a slightly nose down attitude.  VH-EPB was destroyed and the
                                        demonstration pilot killed.          Greg Banfield's shot above was taken at Hoxton Park, NSW on
                                        9 November 1969.