VH-EOG  Fletcher FU-24                              (c/n   3    /   ASA 1)

                                     VH-EOG was flying with Pays Air Service when Roger McDonald took the above photo at
                                     at Scone, NSW in July 1976.  The third FU-24 produced, it was first registered in Australia
                                     on 24 July 1968 to Air Culture of Perth along with VH-EOF.      It was originally built as
                                     ZK-BHB and then rebuilt as ZK-CBQ in March of 1962 following a crash in New Zealand.
                                     John Wheatley took the shot of it below at Bankstown soon after it had arrived in Australia in
                                     1968, and whilst it still had the round rear cabin windows.  It eventually had several agricultural
                                     operators in its Australian career and soldiered on in until March 1992 when it had one prang
                                     too many and was written off.