VH-EOD  Fletcher FU-24-950M                        (c/n  143)


                                          By the time Greg Banfield took the above shot at Scone, NSW in February 1987 this FU-24 had
                                          a 400 h.p. Lycoming IO-720 engine installed, thus making it a FU-24-950M (M = field conversion).
                                          It returned to New Zealand in 1995 (although not as its originally assigned ZK-CXZ) but rather as
                                          ZK-EOE.   It was subsequently written off in a crash in July 2002.   Mike Madden's photo (below),
                                          taken at Morwell, Victoria in April 1975 shows it in its original configuration, and when it was with
                                          Skyfarmers Pty Ltd.   It then went on to other operators before being repurchased by Skyfarmers
                                          again in. the 1990s, from whence it returned to New Zealand, as indicated above.
                                          nb:  The registration VH-EOD was originally to have been assigned to Fletchers with c/ns 60, 140
                                          and 141.   All of these were 'ntu', being assigned other regos instead.