VH-ELQ  Cessna A185E Skywagon                     (c/n  185-1078)


                                 Here's a nice Geoff Goodall slide of a Skywagon in original livery on floats taken at Geraldton,
                                 WA in March 1973.    It was operated, at the time, by Geraldton Fisherman's Cooperative.    It
                                 crashed during a water landing in the Abrohlos Islands off Geraldton two months later on 14 May,
                                 and was later rebuilt with a conventional land undercarriage as seen in the shot below, also by
                                 Geoff at Geraldton (Sept 1975).  It suffered another mishap at Mingenew, WA a scant month
                                 after the lower photo was taken and was rebuilt yet again for the Geraldton Fisherman's Coop-
                                 erative.   It later wound up as a floatplane with Air Waves on Queensland's Gold Coast in the
                                 new millennium.  VH-ELQ is still registered (in Queensland), although is currently listed as a
                                 landplane again.