VH-EIM (2)  Cessna P206C Super Skylane                (c/n  P206-0476)


                                        If the Model 206 was in the Utility range they were named Super Skywagon, but if they lacked the
                                        starboard side cargo door and were designed P206, they were called Super Skylanes.      Many of
                                        the latter also had the cargo pack, so common with the U206 model, although this one didn't.  Both
                                        shots from the Geoff Goodall collection, and both show it sporting Pilbara Air Services titling.  Above,                                            
                                        at Wittenoon, WA in August 1976, and below at Ceduna, SA while being ferried from Perth to Mel-
                                        bourne as a trade-in .  By that time it had had a logo applied to the tail.   New in June 1968, the aircraft
                                        had originally been registered to the Reverend Harold Shepherdson of Elcho Island Methodist Mission
                                        in the NT   After a variety of subsequent owners it suffered a power failure on a flight back to Ceduna
                                        over Kangaroo Island on 8 March 2000.   The aircraft ditched into the sea 104 km ESE of Kingscote,
                                        KI where it sank almost immediately.  .   A passenger manged to escape and was rescued by a RAAF
                                        helicopter, but the pilot was lost.