VH-EHY  Cessna 337C Super Skymaster               (c/n  33700797)


                                       Built as N2497S, VH-EHY was registered to Cessna agent Rex Aviation at Bankstown in October
                                       1968.       This is where David Carter photographed it the following year parked near Rex’s fuel
                                       bowser.     In May 1992, –EHY, then based at the Queensland mining town of Mount Chalmers,
                                       was reregistered VH-FAM.   It was destroyed in a crash near Albany, Western Australia, on 13
                                       March, 1996.      It had been chartered by police to investigate drums that had washed ashore in
                                       an inaccessible bay.          As the pilot held the aircraft in a continuous maximum performance low-
                                       level turn over the site, first the rear engine and then the front failed    . Control was lost and all four
                                       on board were killed.     The investigation blamed “unporting” for the first engine failure.    The tank
                                       feeding the rear engine was low and during  the sustained turn, fuel was unable to reach the fuel lines.
                                       It was suspected that when the pilot tried to switch tanks he inadvertently turned off  fuel to the other