VH-EHC  Cessna 182L Skylane                                   (c/n  18259067)

                                   It has long been the practice in Australia to register new aircraft in the name of the importer before
                                   transferring it to the buyer.     VH-EHC was no different and was registered to Cessna agent Rex
                                   Aviation at Bankstown in September 1968.          David Carter photographed it at Bankstown in
                                   November 1970.     By the mid 1970s it was still firmly attached to Sydney’s major GA airport,
                                   owned by Alpha Aviation, a shared ownership flying group formed in 1964 and still in existence in
                                   2016.  –EHC was current in August 2016 and based at Brisbane with Actuator Systems Australia,
                                   which has owned it since June 2015.