VH-EGR  Cessna 207 Skywagon                        (c/n 20700105) 


                                       Imported in February 1970, this big Cessna remained on the VH- register until May 1974 when
                                       it went to Talair in PNG as P2-EGR.   The 206s Talair had were universally described as being
                                       under-powered,.  I doubt the extra 15 hp that the 207 had over the 206 made much difference.
                                       Photo above by John Wheatley.    Rowan Hughesd supplies more data regarding this 207, viz:-
                                       -EGR was based in PNG in 1971. Operated by Sepik Air Charters. SAC was bought out by
                                       Taleir in1971. They simply painted over the logos.. David Attenborough hired EGR to fly to
                                       Ambunti in mid-71. See his docoment  Blank on the Map'