VH-EDM (3)  Cessna 210A                                       (c/n  21057628)


                                     This 210 was one of those VH- registered aircraft with multiple previous identities.   Not only
                                     that, but it wasn't -EDM for long, either, being re-registererd from VH-KAI in April 1964 and
                                     changed again to VH-FBM in August 1965.    Brian Hays photo above is, therefore, somewhat
                                     of a rarioty   It was taken in the hangar at Hobart's Cambridge Airport in February 1965.  Prior
                                     to being VH-KAI it was VH-KAF, VH-EMF and initially VH-RHX when registered new in
                                     May 1961.