VH-EDB   Douglas DC-4                                    (c/n  7458)


Another of the ex-Qantas DC-4s acquired by Air Express in 1977 was VH-EDB.  This historic
                                    aircraft was one of the first C-54s converted for civilian use back in 1945 and flew for American
                                    Airlines as N90414 "Flagship America" before going to Qantas.  After almost thirty years with
                                    Australia's overseas flag carrier it, along with VH-EDA went to Air Express on trans Bass Strait
                                    freight services.  Mike Madden's shot above (via Geoff Goodall) was taken at Essendon in August
                                    1977.   As with its sister,-EDA, this DC-4 was sold to Basler Flight Services in 1980.  It became
                                    N5581T and was later sold in Canada to Calm Air International as C-GPSH . The hulk, until
                                    recently at least (mid 2009), lay derelict on Hay River Airport in Canada's Northwest Territories.