VH-EBC  (2)  Boeing 707-138                                 (c/n  17698)


                                    VH-EBC flew the inaugural Qantas service from Sydney to San Francisco (via Nadi and Honolulu)
                                    on 29 July 1959, taking a record 14 hours and 57 minutes for the trip.    It was converted to 138B
                                    standard in 1961.  Greg Banfield's shot (above) was taken at Mascot in September 1966 after it had
                                    acquired its V-Jet tail treatment.   It was sold to Seymour Gross of Chicago in April 1967 and leased
                                    to Standard Airways as N791SA.   It was leased to Sudflug in Germany for the summer of 1967 and
                                    then to Canadian Pacific Airways in October of that same year.    On 7 February 1968 it was written
                                    off when it overran the runway at Vancouver's Sea Island Airport in dense fog and crashed into parked
                                    aircraft, vehicles and two airport buildings.    2 persons died (one on the ground) and 18 were injured.